Till we meet again some day!

We were saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Teacher Catherine “Juliette” Dantes, (nee Serieux) who departed this earth on Friday 28th January 2005 at about mid-day. She has left to mourn five children (two boys and three girls) and her loving husband Sylvester Dantes. Between the two of them they have contributed over seventy years towards the education system and the teaching profession in particular. Catherine was one of a special set of students who in her days made it to Vieux Fort Secondary School – 1967 to 1972. She was a member of the Walcott House. Like most young girls she played netball. She was also a member of the Mon Repos 4H Club together with her husband. She later attended the Saint Lucia Teachers College. Since then she provided the Mon Repos Combined School with a stint of unbroken and dedicated service. She will be particulary missed by a whole generation of children whom she taught in the “First Communion Class” and the “Common Entrance Class”. Most of her teaching career at the Mon Repos Combined School was indeed devoted to these calibre of students. In her teaching career she would have directly impacted on at least 1500 students who attended the Mon Repos Combined School. Her last days was not comfortable as she had to battle with an ailment that affected her during what would have been the peak of life for many. Teacher Catherine Dantes will be surely missed and remembered. We at extend sincere and deepest condolences to Teacher Sylvester, his children as well as relatives and friends.

In photograph: Teacher Slyvester and his wife Catherine, sweethearts from teaching days together at the Mon Repos Combined School, having their last waltz at the Oldies Night of the 2004 Jounee Kweyol Activity at the Mon Repos Community Centre.



You would not be fooled if we told you this photograph was taken in the year 2000. A picture is worth a thousand words and so viewers and visitors a more than likely familiar with the characters therein. One of them is certainly a member of the class of 1990, MRCS, who have been taking over the guest book section of our website. Hey, what about class of 1970,1971….. 1985, First Communions group of 1966 (the first in the St. Ann’s Parish Chuch) etc, etc. -even graduation photographs. Let the competition begin. Let us have fun with your photos. Lyline, I am sure you can dig up something to share with viewers.

We wish to thank the boy, now man on the right in the photograph for making it available and sharing it with viewers. I am sure it brought a laugh and maybe to some of you. Hmm..maybe a broken heart as well, but unfortunately.


During what is arguably the wettest January month in a decade the majority of citizens in the Mon Repos community, except for those with a back up tank or cistern, (which is perhap dry by now) have had no water running through their plumbing system. Now, in the year 2005, unless we are going through a drought period, which I have not experienced, and there is certainly no winter to clogg the tap, what is so technical that the WASCO cannot solve in five days. We do not even have 10 miles of pipes to deal with. Last time I checked, man was able to stay on earth and fix a mirror on the Hobble Telescope, thousands of miles into space. At the very least, we are entitled to an explanation.
Try a thing. Give an excuse. Maybe we will believe you if you say that the storage tanks were stolen.
Over to you Breeze.

Community Members Mobilise to Save a Local Treasure

The community of Mon Repos is home to one of St. Lucia’s environmental treasures: a bird by the name of the white-breasted thrasher. The white-breasted thrasher is found only in St. Lucia and Martinique; however, a large majority of the species is found in St. Lucia. Furthermore, 80% of the bird’s population in St. Lucia is found in the Mon Repos-Dennery region. Therefore, this bird has a very significant impact on the ecology of the area. Unfortunately, however, because of the bird’s small population, it is classified as an endangered species. This small population is further being threatened by the plans to build a large resort in Praslin, an area which provides an important habitat for the birds.*
Efforts to protect and conserve the endangered white-breasted thrasher have been implemented through the Feathered Friends Conservation project, which was developed by a team of individuals from the environmental club of the Mon Repos Combined School, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and the Ministry of Social Transformation. The project’s goal is to promote an interest in and appreciation for the endemic birds of St. Lucia, particularly the white-breasted thrasher, among the members of the Mon Repos-Dennery communities.
There are two entities working together on this project. First, the environmental club of the Mon Repos Combined School, consisting of 30 students in grades 1-6, is playing an important part in spearheading the awareness campaign to protect these birds. As future leaders of St. Lucia, it is only appropriate that these young, bright individuals make the effort to mobilize their communities towards effective wildlife conservation, and play their part in keeping St. Lucia beautiful.
Second, a community committee, consisting of a number of Mon Repos community members, was developed to assist the students in creating an increased awareness in the communities. This committee is taking on awareness efforts on a broader community-level, while the environmental club students are working on a more school-based level. Some activities on the agenda for both the environmental club and the community committee include an effective speaking competition, the creation of awareness paraphernalia (such as bumper stickers and calendars), and an endemic bird festival, among other things. Through increasing the communities’ awareness and interest levels for the birds, it is hoped that efforts to protect and conserve these St. Lucian treasures will be employed and enforced by the community members. *It is important to note that one of the objectives of the effort is not to prevent the construction of the resort in Praslin, as the significance the resort will play on the local economy is recognized. Rather, through this project, it is hoped that the benefits of preserving the population of the white-breasted thrasher to the communities, in light of the resort’s construction, will be shown. The white-breasted thrasher is not only important to the ecology of the region, but it could also serve as an ecotourism attraction, thus bringing more tourism potential to the region. Therefore, it is important that a harmony between the resort-to-be-constructed and the region’s white-breasted thrasher population be found.

N.B. The public is invited to a sensitisation meeting set to take place on Sunday 23rd January, at 4pm. The venue is the Mon Repos Combined School. The aim is to raise awareness about the white-breasted thrasher in the Mon Repos communities, its importance to the area, and the impact of the hotel-to-be-built in Praslin on both the bird population and the tourism potential of the birds.


by Marie Celia Gaston

It is always good to share good news and I feel proud to write about this promising young man from Mon Repos.
Kivan Polimis, son of Constance Polimis-Francis (Judy) and Octavian Charles (Artley) has been accepted at the University of Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey.
As many of you may recall, he started his life at the home of his mother and grandmother, Philomene Wilson (Miss Tican).
At the age of 13, Kivan already had his mind set on attending one of these Ivy League universities: Harvard, Yale and Princeton.
He was one of the distinguished students who was accepted and had to choose among these three institutions. It was a difficult choice to
make and Princeton was his final decision.
Kivan lives in Baytown, Texas with his loving mother, Constance and his step-dad, Alfred Francis of Praslin, along with his brother Mario
and little sister, Kayla.
Congratulations to Miss Tican, the matriach of the family, Constance and family.
Good Luck Kivan and may God guide and bless you to continue a rewarding life.

Attached is a copy of his essay, which was a requirement of admission.

Question: Tell us about a person who has affected your life in a significant way..

Word Count: 250 words

The ability to sacrifice is character trait that many claim but very few possess. I have been gifted enough to have someone in my life who exemplifies sacrifice and the gains of selflessness. My mother has been a beacon of light in my life and has molded me even though she has encountered several hardships in her own life. A native of Saint Lucia, my mother grew up in a family of fifteen and experienced sacrifice at an early age. The needs of her household demanded my mother learn how to accept financial adversity and its concurrent social barriers. I believe that as my mother progressed through life she vowed to create the most opportunities for success in her children’s lives. As a high school student, I can now see the pains and results of my mother’s sacrifices. I know how she stressed through mountains of paper work to ensure the legality of our travels from Saint Croix to New York to Texas. She prides herself on the long hours that she works in order to accommodate my learning needs as well as those of my younger brother and sister.. Passionately, she never refuses to fulfill any needs that will further our academic excellence or social growth. Her personal sacrifices and physical journey from Saint Lucia and eventually into Texas have enabled her to provide a suitable lifestyle for my family and her dedication is inspirational to me. I hope to someday replicate her strong, yet caring character and resolve.


The following is a list of a wonderful set persons who celebrate the anniversary of their birthday in January of every year. Of course you will notice that many of them could have easily (or not so easily) been born on the 25th of December or some date in December. Are you guessing what I am guessing?? Anyway thanks again to the list supplied by Mathaline Walter.

FAYTH & PAIGE - The Next Generation
FAYTH & PAIGE – The Next Generation

Does it seem like a long time ago when some of us, particularly the ladies went through a similar episode?! There is a little more plastic now but the white doll remains – by and large.




After three games, South Wales has two points, thanks to Lumbard. They were defeated by La Pointe Youth Organization in the opening game and fell victim to defending champions, Malgretoute Youth Movement in a Saturday game. They would perhaps have won, if it was a Sunday game!!! The Blue Boys have a better chance of beating the Martiniquans in the 17th Annual Independence Road Relay set for Sunday 20th February 2005.
Go Dey South Wales. Hoo Hoo


In a Sunday game at the Mon Repos Cricket Ground Patience Youth Organization defeated La Pointe 4H by 22 runs. Batting first PYO were bowled out for 131; Brian Calixte 36, Allan Moncherry and Brendon Wilson 10 each, being the top scorers.
Bowling for La Pointe 4H, Claudius Charlery three for 18, Hazel Charlery two for 12, Bertrand Robinson two for 25 and Mervin Robinson two for 30.
In their turn at the crease, La Pointe 4H were bowled out for 109; Kashinko Jason 21, Moses Dorleon 20 and Alloysius Norbert 13 being the main contributors.The successful bowlers for PYO were Dasius Joseph five for 35, Theodore Serieux two for 11, Brian Calixte two for 16 and Denis James one for 17.


Game played on Saturday 29th January 2005, at the Mon Repos Cricket Ground.
Malgretoute 199 for 7 in 20 overs; Russell Emmanuel 72, Jeremiah Emmanuel 31 and Kemel Dorleon 20.
Extras – a healthy 47.
Bowling for South Wales, Kendell Samuel three for 17, Dominic Albert two for 51, R. Robinson one for 51 and Andy Descartes one for 44.
South Wales were bowled out for 137 in 19.2 overs; Andy Descartes 32, Roger Descartes 35 and Raymond Robinson 21.
For Malgretoute Russel Emmanuel had two for 10, Kemel Dorleon two for 20, Clearance Henry two for 16 and Walter Emmanuel one for 10.


NAME DATE Ethan Serieux 1st Minerva Simeon/Macrina Hippolyte-Joseph/Cornelius Fevrier 2nd Eulalie Charlery/Ernie George/Ronan Wilson 2nd Nerville “Nerl” Florence 4th Trudy Chiquot 5th Eustacha “Christie” Walter/Cynthia Charles/Ma Darrell , Cynthia Charles 6th Mina Sidonie/Martha “C-Kar” Wilson/Cora Peter, Milva Stephen 8th Henry Mangal (P.S. Youth & Sports) 9th Natasha Henry 10th Maura Sanya Charles, Mathalyn Charles 13th Kerwin Wilson/Abraham “Abou” Ferdinand/Mary Robinson /Eutille Jn. Baptitste 14th Cyril Charles/ Keith Stephen/Saraya Serieux/Tamika Jn Baptiste 14th Desmond Haynes (Cricketer) 15th Cheryl Auguste/ Claudia Martelly-Cherry 16th
Aron Stephen 17th Shaquan Luther Willie/Mike Monchery/Francillia Wilson/Christus Walter 18th Sharon Kurdy Napoleon/Cherriana Charlery 19th Eleutheria Serieux/Lintha Smith/Bertilia Jn Baptiste 19th Matheline Walter/Joanne Canchon/Gaius Harry 20th Clara “Ti-Kawo” (Micoud) 21st
Nya James/Margaret Serieux/Vibert Albertini 22nd Claudian Fevrier/Marthalyn Joseph/Linelle James 23rd Donna Lyn Joseph 25th
Brian Littrell (BackStreet Boys) 20th Merle Charlery

List compiled by Mathaline Walter


A lucky looking bunch of youngsters comprising Malgretoute Youth Movement had the better of South Wales on Saturday 29th January at the Mon Repos Cricket Ground.


Findlay Jn. Baptiste of Lumbard quietly passed away at his residence at Lumbard about midday on Thursday the 3rd day of February 2005. He is survived by his daughter Joy, and his wife Del as well as his brothers, Rodney, Gentil, Shandou, Young, Aulse and sisters Khatie (of La Pointe), Rhodette and Peitra. In his life time he worked at the Patience Estate as an apprentice, before leaving the shore of St. Lucia to seek a fortune in French Guiana. He later moved to England where he spent most of his adult life, before going to Jamaice to live with his wife Del in the late 1970’s. He returned home to Saint Lucia in the mid nineties when quietly settled at the place of his birth in Lumbard. We at extend condolences to the Jn. Baptiste family.


With their game against Praslin failing to come off at the Wenn Playing Field, Grass Street took the opportunity to have a much needed team-practice session on the Mon Repos Combined School court. Their Chairman and Manager Guillus Mathurin is quite confident that the trophy will be going to the cemetery road at the end of the final game. Of course, not if LPYO, PYO or Malgretoute have their say.


All is set for the 17th running of the Independence Road Relay. This exciting and keenly contested race is the signature event of the Mon Repos Youth & Sports Council, featuring participants from Saint Lucia and the French Department of Martinique. The eight-leg relay spans from the Mon Repos Gas Station to the Wannee Bridge and back – a feat, attainable in 73 minutes by the best of teams under the right conditions.
This year’s event is slated for Sunday 20th February 2005, 8:00 p.m. and will attract the usual large number of participants and followers. Seven teams are expected from Martinique and one from Guadeloupe.
Locally, the Road Busters Club is expected to carry the challenge to the Martiniquans and perhaps break their dominance over nearly two decades. Road Busters will be joining some of the Mon Repos affiliates in a “dry run” set for this Sunday 6th February 2005 at 8:00, when the teams run the leg from Wannee to Mon Repos. Amongst the local affiliates La Pointe led by Marcellus Charlery has been the most successful, but their record has been tainted by the fact that they have used runners not affiliated to their club. Other local clubs like PYO and Creation have from time to time done the same, despite the protest from the organizers. Since the regular participation of the visiting French runners, a sort of shyness and unwillingness on the part of local affiliates have prevailed. There is the stupid suggestion that we should not invite the visitors, because “they are going away with all the prize money” – $1,000.00 first prize!!! It is most disconcerting when such remarks come from persons who are not participating, never have and never will. It is important to point out the Martinquan’s meet their own expense of traveling and accommodation, albeit provided by sponsorship and the generousity of the French Government that pays for activities of that nature.
Notwithstanding the lack of enthusiasm in the past, increased interest has been shown by the female participants with teams from Malgretoute, Mabouya Valley challenging the female from Micoud, Anse Ger and Vieux-Fort Secondary Schools. Patience Infant, not to be underestimated, as they have from time to time beaten the senior females. The same cannot be said of my Alma Mata, Mon Repos Combined, from whence participation has been spasmodic over the years. The excuse – “the children do not want to run”, “the parents are not will to take the risk of allowing children to run on the road”, “cannot get a teacher to go with them”, “persons have to attend church service” to outline a few. As dear readers would know, we are a nation of excuses and the same attitude permeates the society in life in general, but that is for another discourse.
This year the organizers have taken the “running” of the event a notch higher, by using a local aircraft to provide surveillance and commentary. This one hour coverage will be provided with the assistance of General Aviation Services along with a local radio station. The aircraft will be under the control of Stephen “Ball Hog” Fevrier of Mon Repos, a licensed pilot.
Despite the growth and popularity of this international event over nearly two decades, the organizers may soon have to source additional or alternative sponsorship. The perennial sponsors Windward & Leeward Brewery Ltd. through its brand Piton Malta have found it commercially unwarranted to provide the desired level of sponsorship. Consequently there has been a drastic cut in the funding provided for the event over the last few years.
For now the Mon Repos Youth & Sports Council is committed to hosting a great race, and hopes to run a smooth event this year. Some tough decisions will have to be made next year as the little money raised from the annual raffle and other fundraisers cannot be used to subsidise the road relay supposedly sponsored by one of the largest commercial entities in the state.
Outside of the Inter-Secondary School championship, the Independent Road Relay is arguably the athletic event with the largest spectatorship.

For the second year running the day’s activity will close with an aerobics marathon for the various gyms and keep it organizations around the Island. This event takes place at 4:00 p.m. Sunday the 20th day of February 2005 at the Patience Multi Purpose Court.


OBITUARY Adapted from the Funeral Programme/Leaflet

To be born a gentleman is an accident; To die one is an achievement.
Hinkson Charles’ name epitomizes this sentiment.
He learned very early on that a Christ-like life was the bedrock of true education. Consequently, he was honest, hardworking, and trustworthy. He may not have been an Oxford alumni, but we dare anyone to compete with ‘Chalo’ in the areas of agriculture, artistry or his sense of humour. The Mon Repos community was privileged to have benefited from his presence which is evidenced by the many anecdotal references made since his passing.
His early membership at the Debrieul Seventh Day Adventist Church was providential as this is where he met his life long partner – the beautiful Magnora Polimis – and together their quiver was full. Their ten children in addition to three from a previous union as well as three adoptees completed the unit.
He was an exemplary family man and a devoted partner. The Emmanuel Church was blessed by his commitment to his duties as a deacon for many years. ‘Bre’ Charles will be greatly missed.On May 13, 2004, with his wife and daughters at his side, ‘Chalo’s’ earthly commute ceased. He now awaits the call of the Life Giver.

Left to mourn his passing are:  his devoted wife of forty nine and a half years; His sons – Kennedy, Raul, William, Boyce, Wycliffe, Judah and their families; His daughters – Hencilia, Madlene, Janice Burton, Eucilla, Telka, Joyce, Janice Charles and Ellen and their families. Numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and in-laws; The Butcher and Hinds families of Choiseul; The Bruce family of Labayee; The Symphorine family of Fond St. Jaques; The Polimis, Feverier, Smith and Peter families of Mon Repos, Canada and United Kingdom;

Good night Papa – We’ll see you in the morning.

A team of long distance runners from Mon Repos travelled to the French Department of Martinque to participate in “Le Relais Neg Mawon” which took place on Sunday the 23rd May 2004. The team came in seventh. Details to be made available by the manager Terry Faisal. The trip was made possible through the Athletic Association of Martinique and the Mon Repos Youth & Sports Council.

Representing the first ever Mon Repos team in such a race were, Zaccheus Wilson, Ubald Wilson, Rickel Robinson, Royan Wilson, Marcellus Charlery, Elishus Desartes, Lester Robinson, Asdel Serieux, Alex Peter, and Andre Rodney.


One of our faithful visitors is proud to share with viewers a sentimental moment. In the photo is Timothea James affectionately known as Lyline, standing next to (and I am sure you guessed right! right?) her son Jonathan, believe it or not. Lyline is back in her beloved homeland, not just for jazz but to celebrate her 50th birthday. She left Saint Lucia as a thirteen year old, sometime in 1966 to join her parents at 27 Oakley Road in London and later moved to 108 Sussex Way. She never forgot Saint Lucia since then, and has made no lest than 15 trips back home. A memorable trip was last year when she helped in the planning and celebration of her grandmother’s (Ma Sa-il’s)100th birthday. She was instrumental in getting a birthday card signed and sent specially from Queen Elizabeth The Second for that occasion. Lyline therefore has that special affiliation to Saint Lucia. She is a regular visitor to our website while in England. Many listeners to the nighttime shows on the various Saint Lucian radio stations, would have identified her as a regular caller. Lyline is an avid collector of things historical. She still has a few of the text books that she used at the Mon Repos Combined School. She provided us with a wonderful trip down memory lane with two memorable photographs, namely “Sister Act” and Mon Repos’ musical exponents in “Conquerors”. On Friday at 5:00 pm she will be joined by some friends and relatives at a thanksgiving service to be celebrated at the St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church. For her undiminished love and affiliation to her community and home land we a glad to salute Lyline on her 50th birthday.


In the Two-Day Cricket competition sponsored by the Mon Repos Credit Union, Grass Street Sports Club took first innings honours over South Wales in a rain affected game played over the weekend of of the 15th and 16th May 2004.
Batting first South Wales were restricted to 91;John albert 26, Gregor Charlery 23, Nicholas Jean Baptiste 16 and Kendall Samuel 14. The last five wickets fell without a run being added.
Bowling for Grass Street; Heron Fevrier had four for 28 and Warn Augustin three for 22.
In their turn at the crease Grass Street reached 123 for six before end of play on the first day; Warn Augustin 65 and Linus Mathurin 37.
For South Wales Kendall Samuel had three for 17, Gregor Charlery one for 24 and Donminic albert one for 52. No play was possible on the Sunday.
The other scheduled game between Malgretoute and Lumbard at the Mon Repos Cricket Ground did not take place, nor did the Praslin v La Pointe 4H in La Pointe.


Mr. Hinkson Charles affectionalely known as CHARLO, of Reduit on the Raillon Road died, last week at the family home in Castries. Mr. Charles leaves to to mourn his wife Magnora, his children including Kenny, Roll, William, Boyce, Wincliff, Juda, Baba, Ucilla, Joyce, Jenice, Hellen and many friends and relatives especially his brothers and sisters of the Seventh Day Adventist Faith.
Originally from Victoria in Choiseul, he was clearly well received in the community of Mon Repos where. together with his wife they raised their family in the relatively quiet area of Reduit, along the Raillon Road. They would therefore be well known by all farmers who used the Raillon Road to get to their garden or banana farm. This writer remembers that sometime in the late 1960’s a spraying plane which went out of control landed very close to the family home.
It not known whether he came to Mon Repos as a practicing Seventh Day Adventist or whether he was converted during or after courtship. However, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Mr. & Mrs. Charles were at one time the pillars of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the Mon Repos Community, having served as elders and in the case of Magnora Charles having served as a full time teacher of the Seventh Day Primary School.
The funeral of Mr. Charles is planned for Thursday this week, at the Mon Repos Seventh Day Adventist Church. We extend condolences to the family and in particular Roll who has assisted a lot of young sportsmen from the community.


The Mon Repos Youth and Sports Council with the assistance of some volunteers (attached and unattached to the Council) have launched the most ambitious fundraiser to assist one of their own – RICHARDIS JOSEPH affectionately known as CHARDIS. The idea first came up from the President of the Council Denis James at a General Meeting held on the 22nd of April 2004 at the Mon Repos Combined School where it was agreed by the general body. since ten a ad hoc committee made up mainly of volunteers met at the Patience Combined School on May 6th. 2004.

At a lively and sometimes emotional meeting the committee identified a number of fundraising activities from which it estimates to raise close to E.C.$40,000.00 which would go towards the cost of a kidney transplant for Richardis Joseph. CHARDIS who is the current President of Patience Youth Organization is a former national cricketer who represented both Mon Repos and Saint Lucia for a few year before he suffered from his ailment. The lowest quoted estimate for the cost of his kidney transplant is (US$50,000.00) Fifty Thousand U.S. Dollars. While it is a phenomenal target the Mon Repos Youth and Sports Council along with the Fundraising Committee, has identified and planned a series of fundraisers from which it can raise $40,000.00. The Council is confident that with the helf of person here and abroad this figure can be met by the 31st day of December and serve as a powerful example of what can be achieved if we are determined.

The following is a list of activities planned:

Some of these activities will be undertaken jointly with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force which has already started it fundraisers. In particular we expect to get pledges over the the net and through this website either in the form of cash or donation that could go towards a hamper or or Flea Market or Fair on August 1, 2004. For those abroard who can source items you can get in touch with us at

Nineteen year-old SANCHA EMMANUEL of Malgretoute, Mon Repos, will be breaking new grounds when she serves as a scorer in the two One Day International (ODI’s) cricket games to be played at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds this coming weekend. This quiet unassuming cricket lover hails from Malgretoute, and not surprisingly she is the cousin of Craig Emmanuel and niece of Walter, Jacob and Claudius Emmanuel. Sancha is undoubtedly the leading female cricket scorer in the island, having not only done local games but has also attended local courses for umpires to improve her skill and knowledge of the craft. Sancha says that she does not like being amongst girls. That is the why she prefers being involed in the male sports, such as cricket. She is also a keen professional wresling fan and says that she would be sick if she did not watch wrestling.

Sancha also called Anita is a devout follower of the Pentecostal faith. Professionally she is employed by the Ministry of Agriculture at the Beausejour Agricultural Station as a record keeper. From her school days at Vieux Fort Secordary she developed a love for Agricultural Science in particular animal husbandary / livestock practice. She plans to further a career in Vetinary Science one day soon.

We all extend congratulations and best wishes to this young dynamic lady.


The month of August is the one month in which many of our teachers and other well known persons in our community celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. We take the opportunity to send anniversary greetings to Joseph Hayden Serieux and Marjorie Maxwell Serieux, Patrick Augustin and Catherine Augustin, Rosemarie Pierre, Elizabeth Mytle Charles, Armelle Mathturin, Cathelina Dolcy, Bernice Robinson and Angella Serieux.

Joseph and Marjorie Serieux continue their contribution to the field of education; Marjorie is the Pricipal of the Mon Repos Combined School, while Hayden in a specialist officer in Mathematics, with the Ministry of Education.

Teacher Boysie continues to give teaching lessons after many years in the teaching profession, while his wife is a community health aid. Teacher Myrtle is a retired teacher and active banana grower, who assisted a great deal in Mon Repos moving from 45th to 10th place in the Common Entrance results.

Armelle Mathurin is a retired pricipal and cultural activist. Cathelina Dolcy is a senior teacher at the Mon Repos Combined School. Between the teachers of Mon Repos there is a total of approximately 200 years service to education in the community.

We send birthday greeting to Rosemarie Pierre of Rosemardin’s Place in Patience, the proprietress of the hottest spot on a weekend, with souse, grilled meat, fish, refreshment and Karioke. Rosemarie continues to carve a niche as the most reliable catering service in the district.

Bernice Robinson insisted that we send birthday greetings to herself and aunt Angella Serieux, teacher of Patience Combined School. Bernice was 20 years OLD within the first week of August and she is still single. (Go there, Bernice).


LUAN PHILGENCE OF PRASLIN IS VOTED TOP NETBALLER IN TORONTO CANADA By Anthony Joseph A St Lucian woman has been named one of Canada’s best netball players of 2003.

Luann Philgence, formerly of Mon Repos, was recently named Most Valuable Player of 2003 by the Ontario Netball Association. The petite Philgence was surprised when she was given the prestigious honour at the ONA’s glittering awards ceremony in December.

A former netball player in her native St Lucia, Philgence played for Leon Hess Comprehensive School when she was in Form 3. She also played for the Creations Sports Club and the Mon Repos Community Team before moving to Toronto in 2000. “When I came to Canada, one of the things I missed the most was playing netball,” she told the St Lucia Star in an interview. “In the summer of 2001, I began looking through the daily newspapers, and the Caribbean weeklies, for any news on netball, hoping I could find a team to join. But there was none.”

So that summer, Philgence used the same perseverance she applies to her game to her search for a team: she placed an advertisement in the Caribbean Camera newspaper, one of Canada’s leading weeklies, looking for people interested in playing netball. “Not only did I get 75 responses, which was overwhelming, but I also got calls from the Ontario Netball Association and the Commonwealth Netball team, asking me to join. “So I decided to join the Commonwealths, and turned over the names of the 75 people who called me to the ONA, which was amazed that there were so many young women in Toronto wanting to play the sport.”

Philgence quickly became the goal attack player for Commonwealths, and her skill earned her the team’s prize as Most Valuable Player of 2002. That wasn’t just an award, as Commonwealths, because of the overwhelming number of good players, fielded two teams in the 2003 season. Philgence found herself not just playing wing attack for Team 2, but being held as a “special reserve” for Team One.
Her outstanding performance for both teams is what earned her the nod as Ontario’s MVP for 2003, and now puts her in a position where she now has a shot for playing for the provincial team as well as the Canadian Netball team.

At 5′ 3″, Philgence is the shortest player in the league, but has proven that where she lacks in height, she makes up in spirit. As for 2004? “I want to take my team to the league championships and go for gold,” she says. “I’d also love to see us play against a St Lucian team in the near future.”
Any takers?
The Mon Repos Youth and Sports Council is a not-for-profit voluntary organization that seeks to represent and promote the interests of the young and not so young persons from the communities of Malgretoute to Praslin through sporting, cultural and educational activities.

Our Mission

To provide avenues and create opportunities for young persons in order to cultivate a healthy and productive lifestyle through personal development and sporting talent