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We were saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Teacher Catherine “Juliette” Dantes, (nee Serieux) who departed this earth on Friday 28th January 2005 at about mid-day. She has left to mourn five children (two boys and three girls) and her loving husband Sylvester Dantes. Between the two of them they have contributed over seventy years towards the education system and the teaching profession in particular. Catherine was one of a special set of students who in her days made it to Vieux Fort Secondary School – 1967 to 1972. She was a member of the Walcott House. Like most young girls she played netball. She was also a member of the Mon Repos 4H Club together with her husband. She later attended the Saint Lucia Teachers College. Since then she provided the Mon Repos Combined School with a stint of unbroken and dedicated service. She will be particulary missed by a whole generation of children whom she taught in the “First Communion Class” and the “Common Entrance Class”. Most of her teaching career at the Mon Repos Combined School was indeed devoted to these calibre of students. In her teaching career she would have directly impacted on at least 1500 students who attended the Mon Repos Combined School. Her last days was not comfortable as she had to battle with an ailment that affected her during what would have been the peak of life for many. Teacher Catherine Dantes will be surely missed and remembered. We at extend sincere and deepest condolences to Teacher Sylvester, his children as well as relatives and friends.

In photograph: Teacher Slyvester and his wife Catherine, sweethearts from teaching days together at the Mon Repos Combined School, having their last waltz at the Oldies Night of the 2004 Jounee Kweyol Activity at the Mon Repos Community Centre.



You would not be fooled if we told you this photograph was taken in the year 2000. A picture is worth a thousand words and so viewers and visitors a more than likely familiar with the characters therein. One of them is certainly a member of the class of 1990, MRCS, who have been taking over the guest book section of our website. Hey, what about class of 1970,1971….. 1985, First Communions group of 1966 (the first in the St. Ann’s Parish Chuch) etc, etc. -even graduation photographs. Let the competition begin. Let us have fun with your photos. Lyline, I am sure you can dig up something to share with viewers.

We wish to thank the boy, now man on the right in the photograph for making it available and sharing it with viewers. I am sure it brought a laugh and maybe to some of you. Hmm..maybe a broken heart as well, but unfortunately.


During what is arguably the wettest January month in a decade the majority of citizens in the Mon Repos community, except for those with a back up tank or cistern, (which is perhap dry by now) have had no water running through their plumbing system. Now, in the year 2005, unless we are going through a drought period, which I have not experienced, and there is certainly no winter to clogg the tap, what is so technical that the WASCO cannot solve in five days. We do not even have 10 miles of pipes to deal with. Last time I checked, man was able to stay on earth and fix a mirror on the Hobble Telescope, thousands of miles into space. At the very least, we are entitled to an explanation.
Try a thing. Give an excuse. Maybe we will believe you if you say that the storage tanks were stolen.
Over to you Breeze.

Community Members Mobilise to Save a Local Treasure

The community of Mon Repos is home to one of St. Lucia’s environmental treasures: a bird by the name of the white-breasted thrasher. The white-breasted thrasher is found only in St. Lucia and Martinique; however, a large majority of the species is found in St. Lucia. Furthermore, 80% of the bird’s population in St. Lucia is found in the Mon Repos-Dennery region. Therefore, this bird has a very significant impact on the ecology of the area. Unfortunately, however, because of the bird’s small population, it is classified as an endangered species. This small population is further being threatened by the plans to build a large resort in Praslin, an area which provides an important habitat for the birds.*
Efforts to protect and conserve the endangered white-breasted thrasher have been implemented through the Feathered Friends Conservation project, which was developed by a team of individuals from the environmental club of the Mon Repos Combined School, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and the Ministry of Social Transformation. The project’s goal is to promote an interest in and appreciation for the endemic birds of St. Lucia, particularly the white-breasted thrasher, among the members of the Mon Repos-Dennery communities.
There are two entities working together on this project. First, the environmental club of the Mon Repos Combined School, consisting of 30 students in grades 1-6, is playing an important part in spearheading the awareness campaign to protect these birds. As future leaders of St. Lucia, it is only appropriate that these young, bright individuals make the effort to mobilize their communities towards effective wildlife conservation, and play their part in keeping St. Lucia beautiful.
Second, a community committee, consisting of a number of Mon Repos community members, was developed to assist the students in creating an increased awareness in the communities. This committee is taking on awareness efforts on a broader community-level, while the environmental club students are working on a more school-based level. Some activities on the agenda for both the environmental club and the community committee include an effective speaking competition, the creation of awareness paraphernalia (such as bumper stickers and calendars), and an endemic bird festival, among other things. Through increasing the communities’ awareness and interest levels for the birds, it is hoped that efforts to protect and conserve these St. Lucian treasures will be employed and enforced by the community members. *It is important to note that one of the objectives of the effort is not to prevent the construction of the resort in Praslin, as the significance the resort will play on the local economy is recognized. Rather, through this project, it is hoped that the benefits of preserving the population of the white-breasted thrasher to the communities, in light of the resort’s construction, will be shown. The white-breasted thrasher is not only important to the ecology of the region, but it could also serve as an ecotourism attraction, thus bringing more tourism potential to the region. Therefore, it is important that a harmony between the resort-to-be-constructed and the region’s white-breasted thrasher population be found.

N.B. The public is invited to a sensitisation meeting set to take place on Sunday 23rd January, at 4pm. The venue is the Mon Repos Combined School. The aim is to raise awareness about the white-breasted thrasher in the Mon Repos communities, its importance to the area, and the impact of the hotel-to-be-built in Praslin on both the bird population and the tourism potential of the birds.


by Marie Celia Gaston

It is always good to share good news and I feel proud to write about this promising young man from Mon Repos.
Kivan Polimis, son of Constance Polimis-Francis (Judy) and Octavian Charles (Artley) has been accepted at the University of Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey.
As many of you may recall, he started his life at the home of his mother and grandmother, Philomene Wilson (Miss Tican).
At the age of 13, Kivan already had his mind set on attending one of these Ivy League universities: Harvard, Yale and Princeton.
He was one of the distinguished students who was accepted and had to choose among these three institutions. It was a difficult choice to
make and Princeton was his final decision.
Kivan lives in Baytown, Texas with his loving mother, Constance and his step-dad, Alfred Francis of Praslin, along with his brother Mario
and little sister, Kayla.
Congratulations to Miss Tican, the matriach of the family, Constance and family.
Good Luck Kivan and may God guide and bless you to continue a rewarding life.

Attached is a copy of his essay, which was a requirement of admission.

Question: Tell us about a person who has affected your life in a significant way..

Word Count: 250 words

The ability to sacrifice is character trait that many claim but very few possess. I have been gifted enough to have someone in my life who exemplifies sacrifice and the gains of selflessness. My mother has been a beacon of light in my life and has molded me even though she has encountered several hardships in her own life. A native of Saint Lucia, my mother grew up in a family of fifteen and experienced sacrifice at an early age. The needs of her household demanded my mother learn how to accept financial adversity and its concurrent social barriers. I believe that as my mother progressed through life she vowed to create the most opportunities for success in her children’s lives. As a high school student, I can now see the pains and results of my mother’s sacrifices. I know how she stressed through mountains of paper work to ensure the legality of our travels from Saint Croix to New York to Texas. She prides herself on the long hours that she works in order to accommodate my learning needs as well as those of my younger brother and sister.. Passionately, she never refuses to fulfill any needs that will further our academic excellence or social growth. Her personal sacrifices and physical journey from Saint Lucia and eventually into Texas have enabled her to provide a suitable lifestyle for my family and her dedication is inspirational to me. I hope to someday replicate her strong, yet caring character and resolve.


The following is a list of a wonderful set persons who celebrate the anniversary of their birthday in January of every year. Of course you will notice that many of them could have easily (or not so easily) been born on the 25th of December or some date in December. Are you guessing what I am guessing?? Anyway thanks again to the list supplied by Mathaline Walter.

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